Briefkarte von Edward Carpenter vom 4. April 1895 - kurz vor dem Beginn des Prozesses gegen Oscar Wilde am 26. April. Unklar ist, ob es sich bei den erwähnten Schriften um die auf 1894 datierte, tatsächlich Januar 1895 privat in kleiner Auflage gedruckte Schrift „The Homogenic Love and its Place in a Free Society" (Printed for private circulation only. Pp.52. Manchester, 1894) handelt.
Edward Carpenter:
... Early in 1894 I started writing a series of pamphlets on sex-questions - those questions which at that time were generally tabooed and practically not discussed at all, though they now have become almost an obsession of the public mind.
I placed "printed for private circulation only" on the Title-page, and had only a comparatively small number of copies struck off-which were not sold but sent round pretty freely to those who I thought would be interested in the subject or able to contribute views or information upon it. My object in fact was to get in touch with others and to obtain material for future study or publication. Even in this quiet way the pamphlet created some alarm - and in the dove-cotes of Fleet Street (as I heard) caused no little fluttering and agitation; but it is quite possible the matter would have ended there, if it had not been for the Oscar Wilde troubles. Wilde was arrested in April 1895 and from that moment a sheer panic prevailed over all questions of sex, and especially of course questions of the Intermediate Sex.

Dear Rix - I am sending you
the pamphlets: and shall be pleased
to send any more you may want -
I like them to be circulated, as long
as they go to the rigth folk, & not to
mere curiosity - mongers. I am
not making a charge for them.
I am glad to hear you are opening

out towards a country life. It is
really the only proper foundation
for life, though towns & big centres
are not to be despised.
Friendly remembrances to C....
if you are writing - also to your
wife & self
Very cordially
Ed. Carpenter
4 Ap 95

Lieber Rix - ich sende Dir
die Flugschriften: und wenn Du wünschst
gerne weitere Exemplare -
ich hoffe sie werden in Umlauf gegeben, soweit
sie an die richtigen Adressaten gehen, nicht
an Kuriositätensammler. Ich nehme
kein Geld für sie.
Es freut mich zu hören, daß Du
Dich auf ein Landleben einstellst. Es ist
wirklich die einzig passende Grundlage
für das Leben, auch wenn Städte und großen Zentren
nicht zu verachten sind.
Freundliche Empfehlungen an C...
sofern Du schreibst - ebenso an Deine
Gattin und an Dich selbst.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Ed. Carpenter
4. April 1895

Briefkarte Edward Carpenter an Rix vom 4. April 1895. Der Prozeß gegen Oscar Wilde begann am 26. April.

Edward Carpenter
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